Diaspora Workshop Fall 2018
One of Zajel Institute’s main projects is the Diaspora Workshop. The workshop is co-organized and hosted by the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa, Canada. The purpose of the workshop is to create a space for members of the Arab diaspora to discuss their hopes and vision for the Arab world and its future.

Most importantly, Zajel wants to highlight the participants' voices and opinions who come from different backgrounds and experiences. The workshop encourages contributions in different fields including political, environmental, human rights, arts, and creative expression, The workshop provides a research opportunity around the impact of changes in the Middle East region through the diaspora community lens. Zajel Institute wants to empower participants and give them momentum to create new initiatives within their own communities.
The Arab Diaspora Workshop is an important initiative to maintain the spirit and the hope of the people who were exiled from their homes and had their rights of expression stripped from them.  The Workshop plants a seed for a network of talented individuals to collaborate and contribute towards positive social change in the spheres of democracy, dignity and human rights in their respective worlds through research and dialogue.
Note on Arab Diaspora: “Arab diaspora” here refers to Arabs who share a common geographic and ancestral background. The Arab diaspora is not a homogeneous category and lived experiences will differ considerably based on a variety of factors such as religion, gender, and ethnicity.